Local processes adapted to your needs

Integrated Local Solution

Over 17 years of experience in Clinical Research combining CRO and Pharmaceutical industries to deliver solutions adapted to the Latin American Market.

Local solution and global experience

iLS Clinical Research is a CRO that started operations in Mexico and Central America and will further expand its services to South American contries like Colombia, Argentina, Brazil and Peru.

One of the main objectives for iLS Clinical Research is to integrate our experience to deliver solutions adapted to the Latin American market, contributing in parallel to the development of the industry in the region highlighting the multiple well known advantages of conducting clinical trials in Latin America and providing different and new treatment alternatives sooner.

As a locally based company, we understand your needs and study requirements as a client

The difference that counts

Our understanding of the regional industry is the key to provide adapted and tailored solutions to your requirements with revolutionary models reducing cost and time.

Local processes

With adapted SOPs, local processes and systems, we will have expedited response timeframes to your needs.

Reduced timelines

Reduced project Start Up cycle timelines for the projects when compared to the market as a result from our local processes and strong knowledge of local requirements and regulations.

Overall expedited responses

You will experience expedited turnaround times when getting an answer to your needs.

Costing models

We have implemented revolutionary costing models helping you to receive reduced budgets in reduced timeframe for your specific needs.

Extensive experience

You will have access to a group of assessors and professionals with broader experience in the Clinical Research and CRO industry with strong knowledge and understanding of the LA market, regulations, timelines and Quality standards.

Contact Us

For further information about our company and services, please send an email to info@ilsclinicalresearch.com or click here to use our website to send your message.

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